Cake stands make everyone’s lives better

Even the sloppy inelegance of this cappuccino cake looks amazing. It settled into itself by the morning, too.

I come from a large family and I’ve got into the habit of asking for ‘anything to do with food’ for any gift, because I know whatever it is, I’ll be excited. Walking around the homeware section of John Lewis dreaming of my future kitchen is one of my favourite activities. When, you know, I’m not doing much more exciting things.

Anyway, amazingly for me, my brother and sister-in-law got me a Christmas present straight from that section: a cake stand, in pastel blue. Putting any pathetic cake on it, and squinting a bit, brings to life all my fantasies of domesticity, or owning a French pattisserie, and generally being a better person. And, altogether, just makes every cake look a million times more impressive.

Trying to imagine the perfect birthday cake for my ever-dieting housemate, I decided a cappuccino, for those times she drinks too much coffee and talks as fast as she does on her blog. I followed a good old reliable recipe from the British Broadcasting Corporation,  which I do heartily recommend. No cake with mascarpone can ever be a bad thing, as far as I’m concerned, and I’m not even a fan of coffee cake.

But the recipe’s not the point – my point is this. Get a cake stand. The most inelegant piece of slop on a cake stand will impress more than the most beautiful cake ever made plonked onto some dinner plate.  Get a cake stand. Your life will be better.

PS: Look at the page of cake stands on the John Lewis website, and I implore you not to go as doey-eyed and lovesick as I did.


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